Pocketful of Stones


Packaging Design

Passion at work

From the beginning this was a job we were really excited about, and once again Pocketful of Stones gave us a lot of freedom to explore our ideas. 

Finnishing flourishes

Being an exclusive product meant that it needed to feel like one. 

So the finishes and little flourishes had to be spot on. The beautifully designed and produced tube was key to this.

The mermaid of Zennor

We commissioned local Durban based artist Sarah Mitchell to do the illustration of Morveren the mermaid of Zennor for the packaging. Her illustrative style really worked with our concept.

A distinctive brand

Beautiful logotype with foiled illumination on a label that sinuously curves around a slender bottle really does make this brand stand out. 

Of myths and legends

By Having named their product after a local legend, Pocketful of Stones gave us a large pool to tap into for  inspiration and imagery.