Mbiri natural skincare


Mbiri Skincare


Logo, Packaging, brand identity, website

A truly African personal care range

Mbiri is a a personal care range that is formulated and prodcued in africa with african sourced ingredients.

We needed to keep this in mind when we took on the design of this range.

Subtle touches

The subtle pattern finish on Mbiri’s tubes and labels is a reference to the patterns created by the Himba people in their mud clad hair. As is the colour of the packaging.

The Himba people

The core of the brand lies in Namibian Myrrh, which is wild-harvested by the Himba people of northwestern Namibia. 


The essential oil is extracted from a resin, which Himba women have been using for centuries as an ingredient in their traditional perfume.

Keeping true to the name

During the dry seasons the tree, Commiphora wildii, naturally exudes this resin. The women collect the resin in the mountains of this remote and arid region. The women traditionally call the resin Omumbiri, hence the name Mbiri.