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Brand Creation & Logo Design

The fabulous distillers

As with all of their products, there is a story behind the brand name of our favourite Distillery. It is the Story of how renowned Author Virginia wolf died. 

On 28 March 1941, rather than having another nervous breakdown, Woolf drowned herself by weighing her pockets with stones and walking into the River Ouse near her home.

The dark in life hi-lights the light, just as the simple black and white of this logo stand in contrast to each other. So we acknowledge the sad, not to be saddened but to appreciate the joy.

Happy Homes

Happy Family was a house brand we were commissioned to do. Though the client have yet to take it to production, we were happy with how the logo and the brand translated into the product packaging. Simple and sweet.

Making it work

Work Place is a recruitment agency specialising in the staffing of in-store brand work forces.

Helping product brands recruit staff that have a good understanding of the FMCG industry and experience in being the brands ambasador in the retail environment.