Dr Squid Gin


Pocketful of Stones Distillery


Brand & Packaging Design

Distinctive in the category

While the gin category is filled with some stunning packaging designs – we really think we pushed the envelope with Dr Squid Gin. 

We have to thank our clients at Pocketful of Stones for their bravery in giving us a lot of freedom on this one 

Once they suggested an etched copper flask we knew we were on to something truly unique. 

Etched in their hearts

The custom illustration that was created for the etching on the copper flask & on merchandising material, was intended to showcase some of the landmarks  and diverse flora & fauna iconic to Cornwall – that the Pocketful distillery and team call home.

Put a label on it

While the copper etched container is unique, the label is the first thing that grabs your attention. 

The strange Dr Squid himself set against a golden sun set above the distinctive logo type. with the vintage type and illumination below.

Production values are key, in the final impression of the product and the good people at UK labels have done our designs proud here.

The custom 750ml flasks are handcrafted in India