Beladonna Nightshade Gin


West Coast Distilleries


Brand & Packaging Design

Flirting with the darkside

The guys at WCD (West Coast Distilleries) wanted something special for their new Night Shade Gin packaging.

Something that matched the Character of the Gin.

Fine Finishes

As with all packaging, it comes down to how well the end product is finished – and the Guys at Coastal labels did a great job.

Colour me purple

We were really pleased with how the cerise blue stood out on the deep purple and helped thow out the gold foil.

The Picture tells a story

The Berry, Atropa belladonna also know as Deadly Nightshade, has deep dark and beautiful history and many of the elements are refrence here in the illustration we created that surrounds the logotype on the label.

From the plant itself, with its uses for beauty death and witch craft to its Mythical Greek namesake Atropos who was one of the the three fates that was said to have cut a person’s thread of life after her sister had spun and measured it.